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Welcome largo winch ---written by Haja Ismail.

largo winch in Tamil

Muthu comics, the famous publisher of the world’s most famous comic’s characters, now introduced first time in Tamil, the comics of Largo Winch.  It is published exclusively and only in Tamil Language that too in Indian Language.

 A Muthu comics has the history of publishing the comics for more than 40 years in its own style and culture.  The comics published in Muthu comics so far had decent style, dresses, make-up with responsible acts of the comics hero’s fighting for the right and fight the evil.  In these comics, there is discrepancy in the art.  So far in this comic half naked dresses have never placed which would induce the sexual feelings. It used to be free from double meaning dialogues.  It has helped the young generation to develop honesty, responsibility and self-control in their mind and as a result they are living a better life.


Now, Largo Winches first two albums are joined together and published as En Payer Largo with shining high quality paper in color price tagged at Rs.100/-

Latest arrival of Largo is straight opposite to the Muthu Comic’s and it seems to us that it has been published only for teenage people, we doubt it so. It is more westernized and suitable for the people of West.


In order not to change sequence, structure and story of the Largo comics has been published as it is with kissing scenes unedited which is not acceptable for us and for our Indian culture.  It could have been edited, it is my opinion as that cannot be read by 7 – 8 year old children and it is the reality.


This comic differs from the comics we used to read.  I mean, in the story line, the situations are not clearly expressed. For example: It is written “They fly on the flight” but there is no box information to say that “in that country”, these info are missing in this comics.  We know that the PICTURE tells us the story that is a comic.


This story’s main character Nerio Winch got killed in the beginning of the story, and the story line is carried with flash backs appears here and there in the comics are something new and surprisingly unusual.

 Once we have started reading the comics cannot close it down before completely reading it.  All the credits go to JEAN VAN HAMME and his way of storytelling and description of Largo’s bravery, activeness and adventures are no doubt attracting us very much.


This is the first time ever in the comics we read a continuous story without any chapter details and a NON STOP story.




As for as the ART is concerned, PHILIPPE FRANCQ’s attracted us with his No.1 arts and his paintings are very clearly displaying the expression of the each and every character.  The human faces, buildings, natural scenes were confusing as whether it is an art or a photograph.  Good job. Thanks for him.



Background story and Characters of Largo Winch:
 ‘Nerio Winch’, an unmarried bachelor adopts Largo Winczlav, a small orphan boy from thousands of miles away and from Yugoslavia for his total property and provide him higher education and other facilities.  Several years after this when Largo Winczlav become young man, his guardian father is being killed mysteriously.  By that time only, it is disclosed that Largo Winczlav is the adopted son of Nerio Winch and Largo have to own it now a 10 Billion worth Company.


Like other rich men, though Largo also roam the world, he does adventure when it is required vocationally.


His adventures first started in Turkey when he is roaming the world.  He is fighting the hurdle on his travel adventures one side and on the other hand he fights Winch Groups enemies.  Creation of this story by VAN HAMME is result of his extra ordinary skills.


Every Story has two parts written continuously.  In the first part is stuck by problems and in the second part survive adventurously and then discloses the underworld.


In 1970’s, this is written as a series of novels by VAN HAMME, then in 1977 it is published as a complete novel by MERCURE DE FRANCE but it was not successful as expected by VAN HAMME.


During this time, since VAN HAMME showed interest to create “Thorgal”, comic’s album with the help of an artist “Grzegorz Rosinski” and he was unable to take much care about the Largo.
After this artist Philippe Francq showed interest to work with VAN HAMME, they renewed the interest to publish the Largo Winch character with small changes.  In 1988, Largo Winch is published as comics album in their cooperation with the help of DUPUIS, a Belgium based publisher.  After this success, new albums also published.


It is lucky that VAN HAMME gets a suitable artist for his new characters and results in success. Shofar 18 albums have been published in French and then translated in Danish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, and English published in series.  Till today 10 Million issues have been published and sold.  English issues are published by CINE BOOK (UK) LTD.



In 2001 published in Television by Canadian Showcase Television

In 2002 published video games by Dupuis, Ubisoft (Largo Winch: Under  Threat)

In 2008 Dec published as a Cinema played by Tomer Sisley under productionOf Jerome Sallem.

For selecting such a good stories and translating them into Tamil in order to give a fantastic comics, we, the Tamil Comics world has to thank Mr. S. Vijayan and the publisher Mr. Soundara Pandian for their good job and their responsibility towards the comics.


The editor Mr. S. Vijayan is said to have announced that he is going to publish the next two albums but our request to the editor is to publish all the stories in series.


Topics of the French language albums.

1.           L'Héritier
2.           Le Groupe W
3.           O.P.A.
4.           Business Blues
5.           H
6.           Dutch Connection
7.           La Forteresse De Makiling
8.           L'heure du tigre
9.           Voir Venise...
10.        ...Et mourir
11.        Golden Gate
12.        Shadow
3.        Le Prix de l'argent
14.        La Loi du dollar
15.        Les trois yeux des gardiens du Tao
16.        La Voie et la vertu
17.        Mer noire
18.        Colère Rouge

Published by Cine Book in English,
1.  The Heir (includes The W Group)
2.Takeover Bid (includes Business Blues)
3. Dutch Connection (includes H)
4. The Hour of the Tiger (includes Fort Makiling)
5. See Venice...
6....And Die
7. Golden Gate
8. Shadow
Address of Cine Book

56 Beech Avenue - Canterbury, Kent - CT4 7TA - UK
Tel (44) 01227 731 368 - Fax (44) 01227 738 878
Email: - Website:

In India
Westland Ltd
Fax: 044-26642794

Address of prakash publishers to be published in Tamil language in India.
Prakash publishers,
Post box no.374,
8D/5,Chairman p.k.s.a.a. road,
Amman kovil patti,
Tamil Nadu,

Yours Staunchly,
Jubail City, Saudi Arabia.


லார்கோவின்ச்யை பற்றிய எனது முந்தய பதிவு

தேன்துளியில் எளிய தமிழில் இடம்பெற்றுள்ளது

அதனைக்கான அதனைக்கான....கீழே உள்ள

சுட்டியை பயன் படுத்தவும் ..
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தோன்றும்  பதிப்பகமாகிய   "லைட் ஹவுஸ்"

பதிப்பகத்தார்  முதன் முதலில் புத்தக


காமிக்ஸ் கதைகளை முதற்படியாக கொண்டு

துவங்கு கின்றனர்

காலத்தால் மறக்க முடியாத   . வீர சாகசங்கள்

நிறைந்த,       உயிரோட்டமுள்ள சாகச  வீரன்
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 தோன்றும் காமிக்ஸ் கதைகள் தமிழிலும்
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வரவேற்கும் என்பதில் ஐயமில்லை.