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Minnal Mayaavi

One day in 1976, June Month
 Editor Mullai Thangarasan introduced a new comics in the name of “Mayaavi Comics” through “Mathi Nilayam”. In that he introduced his new character “Minnal Mayaavi” and it is the name of the comics.

As per the story “Mark bureau” a private detective company working with the help of Government and the detective officer “Prabu” his number “Mark 8” is meeting his head on his urgent invitation.

The detective head briefed to him that the “Sarvathesa Mosadi Kumbal” have produced currency notes of small countries in bulk and trying to create inflation and financial crisis in those countries and their Gang leader hiding in “Elakkadavu” located “Anaimalai” in Tamizhagam. The detective head has given the responsibility to catch those into Prabu.

When Prabu came out after taking over this charge, a mysterious gang came in car tried to shoot at him and a bike was trying his dash him and a lorry came to over run Prabu missed the target and dashed with a tree.

Is Mark Bureau losing is its strong hold, how the opposite party got the news. Thinking this in mind, Prabu was running towards to escape and finally he caught a train but he was captured by “Mosadi Gumbal” and brought in front of the leader “Digambaran”. After exchange hot arguments, Digambaran said he will cut Prabu into pieces and send to his head. At first he ordered to cut Prabu’s finger. But Prabu jumped into the forest river and escaped. After hearing this Digambaran throwing his assistants who are responsible into the same river. Prabu rescued them and joined hands with them and advancing towards that mysterious

Suddenly a sound raised have shacked the forest. A mysterious shuttle has landed from the sky near Digambaran’s Bangalow. A man came out from the shuttle called himself “Samrang” a planet living and his space shuttle “Se Dang” had a trouble while flying that is why he has landed here and he will fly again after repairing his shuttle.

In this situation, Digambaran, the leader of “Sarvadesa Sadigara Gumbal” (International Looters Gang) talking with nice words and taken him to his secret Bangalow and torturing him to tell the secret of “Minsara Kathir Marmam” (Mysterious Electric Wave).

Here, Prabu taking the responsibility of rescuing the plant-man, appeared in Digambaran’s bungalow. The gangsters got collapsed when Prabu & Co stuck them suddently but Prabu was caught under the gun-tip and tied-up with tree got his finger’s cut. Even the gangsters can’t see and closed their eyes, as per Editor Mullai Thangarasan.

In this situation, Minnal Kiraha Manithan (Space man), Samrang brings down the Machine shaped Iron and attacked Digambaran and his gang and destroyed them.

After this Samrang took Prabu into his shuttle and made him unconscious and fixed steel fingers instead of the wounded fingers when Prabu tried to rescue him. Moreover, he fixed different weapon in every fingers the they will disappear when there is lightning wave and also he named Prabu as Minnal Mayaavi.

Whenever there is Lightning wave in the sky, the hand shape will disappear and if required it can be demanded from the Space shuttle "Sedang" by signaling to it and Samrang asked Prabu to bring all the perpetrators to the justice by using this power.

Editor Editor Mullai Thangarasan had made a feeling page by page through out the comics by imprinting a marvelous story. It is very unfortunate that cine field did not utilize the very intelligent Editor Mullai Thangarasan.

Artist Chellam alias Chellappan, drawn the cartoon comedy for JAM JIM JACK characters. He had drawn a very serious action pictures which are straight opposite to Minnal Mayaavi characters. He had not drawn the pictures just casually but using all his talents with great involvement he drawn the pictures with powerful imagination. He gave the real feelings like angry, carelessness, happiness and sadness on the faces of all the characters genuinely. Not only this, sky, cloud, office, table and flower pack on that, he left nothing without art.

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