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JAM JIM JACK By Haja Ismail


1976 A Golden year for Mr. Mullai Thangarasan. In that year he created his very famous characters like JIM JAM JACK, Minnal Maayaawi, Irumbukkai Maayaa  Maayavan. C.I.D.Karthi.

“Paarai Theevu Marmam”

On those days he joined hands with President of ‘Mathi Nilayam’, Mr. S. Subramaniyam (Valarmathi) and published JIM JAM JACK series first story “Parai Theevu Marmam” with “Mahean” Art for 50 Paise and that too in double colour.

When he said about this character “Jambulingam, a young genius, whose aim is to become a detective specialist. He was grown-up by his Aunt as he lost his parents in his childhood. “Jackayya is his assistant and Jimmy is his pet dog. His first story has started in this way only. One day Jambulingam announced his name as “Jam” his assistant Jackayya as “Jack” and his pet dog as “Jim”. He also claimed in the press meet arranged later that he is going to investigate a Paris bank looting.

In this condition, a well dressed man, Flum who came to Jam’s house told Jam that he wants to investigate Paris bank looting and he wanted to take Jam with him in a private flight and he took Jam,jim,jack &Co  with him by telling that French president sent a flight for them.

When the flight was in the middle of the sky, that mysterious man claimed that their gang (Sarvathesa Sathikararhal Sangam) has looted the bank and as per their head quarters instruction, they want to eliminate Jam then he jumped into parachute before the flight to reach Blue Sea.

Flight started getting dismantled as part by part. Jam &Co escaped with the Parachute as they took with them by pre-plan and reached a small island covered by rocks (Paraitheevu).

They have captured surprisingly all the gangsters hidden there and handed over them to police. He imprinted the interest in every page turned and Mullai Thangarasan’s story styles adding the shining to the story.


In 1977, Mullai Thangarasan published four comics through VIJI Art Publications in series of JAM JIM JACK for just 60 Paise. This time the artist was great Mr. Chellam alias Chellappan. Thus Mullai Thangarasan’s every story was then supported by Chellam’s Art and which attracted all the comics fans.

   Artist  Mr. Chellam

Here I write about the two comics I have….

1. Pahal Kollaiyar:

When Jam let the plane to fly which was sent by his friend from America, got exploded due to the sudden whirl wind and fallen on the Star Jinning Factory. Jam who went in the night to rescue the plane and found some gangsters printing duplicate postal stamps. When the gang leader trying to shoot Jam who was caught by them was captured by police after Jam’s adventures.


2. Sadikararkal Valaiyil Jaam:

As for this comics Jimmy was the Hero. Several VIP’s had to get imprisoned since the Paris Bank looting was investigated by Jam and few international terror elements got furious over this and planned to kill Jam. The perpetrators make Jam unconscious and kidnap him inside Bureau. Untried JIM following the perpetrators saving Jam by adventures and get them captured by police.

In continuation to this, Mullai Thangarasan in 1978 in Rathna comics and in 1979 in Ratna Bala, he took over the charge as a writer.


When he worked in Rathna Bala, he published JAM JIM JACK’s comics in middle pages and one comics in a month. He also published new Jam Jim Jack in Ratna Bala. Out of this JAM JIM JACK appearing KAANAGA KALLARGAL, Villain "Flum" appears as leader of Gang killing elephants for ivory.




After some time he quite Ratna Bala and joined Anil Publication in Sivakasi as an editor of their children’s magazine, Manipappa. In this too, he published JAM JIM JACK stories and important point to note here is, the Manipappa is last book he worked for. The first story was “Paraitheevu marmam”, he published this again with Mr. Chellam’s art.

During his tenure in Ratna comics, Ratna Bala, Manipappa, he published lots of magic stories. His history in the tamil comics is an indelible one.

M. Haja Ismail


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  4. It seems that we are the lucky people who have the Multi colour issues of Maayavi comics.

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