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Johnny Nero ... Written by Haja Ismail

Johnny Nero, And Jenny Bird(stella)

  I  had an intention to write about   the   comic’s  hero who attracted  comics’ fans worldwide ire, Johnny Nero.  But writing about Johnny Nero was getting delayed since I had no complete information on the creation of this character or the creator.  More over there was no information available on the web also. 

Though I was lacking the information, I have not given-up the idea and I wanted to write it at any cost utilizing all my efforts and I have written here the maximum possible.

Fleet Way book publisher which is located in Britain, first published Secret Agent Series through ‘The Fleet Way Super Library’, in Jan 1967 and completed in Jan 1968 with 13 issues.

In this same period in Italy and later in Algeria, Belgium, Canada, France, Morocco, Switzerland and spread to all over Europe.


 In India, it was published in Muthu comics of from printing business capital Sivakasi starting from Jan 1973 Johnny Nero in Tamil Language. This was done through the agreement with Fleet Way. The editor of this was Mullai Thangarasan, the then supreme of Tamil Comics.

History of ‘Johnny Nero’
Johnny Nero was born in 1931 at London. Graduated from ‘Exeter University ‘in England. In 1953 he joined British Army Intelligence Corps and in 1955 he was seconded to MI5 to work under Colonel Jason. (cornel jackap)

This time a distant ‘Aunt,’ who was running company called New Enterprises Co &Realty Organization transfers all her properties Johnny’s Name just before her death.

Magnitude of the wealth justifies his leaving MI5 and Colonel   Jason.           Miss Prim, who was his Aunts secretary,   works as a secretary of Johnny too. Soon he realized he not only inherited his Aunts properties, but also her problems. One Jenny Bird (Stella), who was the daughter of deceased Paul Bird, accuses him of driving her father to suicide. With the help of Colonel Jason, Johnny unearths the true conspirators behind Mr. Paul Bird’s suicide. They turned out to be the directors of his company’s Far East operations, Mr. Hazed &Mr. Dawson, who not only drove Paul Bird to suicide, but also systematically cheating new Enterprise & Realty organization Both.

To find the fact, Johnny started detecting with the help of Colonel Jason, he found that New Enterprises Company’s far eastern directors ‘Mr. Hazed &Mr. Dawson’ are indirectly troubling the subway Engineer Paul Bird of Sarawak, in his subway works and put him in loss. When he suffered as penniless, Hasid and Dawson of New Enterprises Co gave him small amount as loan without company’s knowledge and finally they bought the subway with least price. Then they sold the subway to somebody else and earned a lot of money and settled company fund also. Realizing his true nature, Jenny Bird joins Johnny as his secretary. Ms. Prim takes her much wanted retirement.

‘Colonel Jason’ who had extra ordinary affection and have confident in Johnny’s intelligence and his adventures requested Johnny to take up and detect some controversial case. Colonel Jason utilizes him on adhoc basis, where extensive travel is required. The assignments take him to all over the world. Jenny Bird, (Stella) his secretary plays a very active role in many of his adventures.

My Comments: His talents and skills are equivalent to James Bond and some time he is better than James Bond, as he does not need as many special equipments and support characters like James Bond.

Real Name: Johnny Nero
Identity/Class: Normal human
Powers/Abilities: He was a skillful boxer, Sword fighter and Swimmer.
Occupation: Former MI5 (British Intelligence Agency) agent and currently Businessman, still Working for MI5 on adios basis mainly to help his former boss colonel Jason
Affiliations: Jenny Bird [known as "Stella" in Tamil Language Comics]
Enemies: Unknown
Known Relatives: UnknownAliases: Unknown
Base of Operations: Active Worldwide
First Appearance: Fleety super library (Jan 1967 – Jan 1968)
In India: Muthu comics in Tamil Language (Jan 1973) Comics Classics in Tamil Language which reprints the stories published in Muthu Comics in 1973s.

Muthu comics



Jenny Bird (Stella)

 History of ‘Jenny Bird’(stella)

Jenny Bird (Stella), the daughter of subway engineer ‘Paul Bird’ of ‘Sarawak’. She had challenged mistakenly to take revenge on New Enterprises Co &Johnny who was responsible for her father’s suicide. Once she came to know neither New Enterprises Co nor Johnny is responsible for her father’s suicide, she joined with Johnny as his secretary.

Even if Johnny avoids Jenny Bird (Stella) in critical missions, somehow Stella used to reach the spot and she was behind his every success.

Since Jenny bird was introduced as “Stella’ in Tamil. Till today, the name Jenny bird is new and strange to Tamil Speaking Comics fans.

Real Name: Jenny Bird ["Stella" in Tamil Language]
Identity/Class: Normal human
Powers/Abilities: Clever and Intelligent
Occupation: Johnny Nero’s Secretary
Affiliations: Johnny Nero
Enemies: None
Known Relatives: Unknown
Aliases: None.
Base of Operations: Active worldwide
First Appearance: Fleet Way (Jan 1967 – Jan 1968)In India: Muthu Comics (Jan 1973)Comics Classics in Tamil Language which reprints the stories published in Muthu Comics in 1973s.
Artist: There were several artist have done art work for Johnny Nero stories, like Alessandro Biffignandi. Out of them, ‘PAOLO MOTECCHI’ an artist has done the picture art work and cover page art work for the most of the stories. He was born in 1937 in Pisa city of Italy.


            Fleetway  Original Version

            Fleetway  Original Version

                         Fleetway  Original Version

At this time when Johnny Nero series of stories were completed, Muthu Comics had introduced various new characters and published. Upon the request of the old muthu comic’s fans, Muthu comics published Johnny Nero stories as re-edition again and again by their president Mr. Soundara Pandian.

                    Mr. Soundara Pandian

Mr. Soundara Pandian And Comics Fan Mr.Vijaya Sankar

Comics Classic

Muthu comics had started “Comics Classic” in 1999 only to publish the re-edition of olden & golden comic’s until today.

Muthu Comics Tamil(1973) /    Fleetway English 1967





Eagerly awaiting the next months new arrival ‘KOLIKARA KALAINGAN’ and at the same time expressing our heartiest thanks to the founder of this organizations Mr. Soundara Pandian and his son, Muthu comics, Comics Classic, Lion’s editor Mr. S. Vijayan, and all the workers of the publications.

With Warm Regards,
Haja Ismail.M


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