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TARZAN - Written by Haja Ismail

Edgar Rice Burroughs “TARZAN"

Once upon a time when children were playing on the street sounded from their deep down of their throat like AAAh, OOOh with lot of joy!!

This is not only in our country but this is continued in western countries also. This is the effect of the “Tarzan” character created for the Cinema.This character “Tarzan” was created by the American Author Edgar Rice Burroughs of Science Fiction Fantasy.

In Oct 1912, “Tarzan of Apes”- “A Romance of Jungle, story was published in ALL-STORY Magazine which the Tarzan was first ever appeared or introduced. In Jun 1914 that full novel
published by “A.G. Mc Clurg & Co

Duing this period, reading story books was the main hobby all over the world. That too in America, Fiction & Adventure stories was widely read by the fans. Tarzan stories were attracted by all when it was introduced and this is not a surprise to anyone.

In a speed the character was introduced, the same way the character become famous swiftly as this character was very much attracting and accepted by readers.


Marooned… As per the story….Tarzans parents was a respected British lord Family and there were living in Western Coastal Jungles of Africa. When Tarzan was one year old, his mother was bedridden and died and his father was got killed, assaulted by “King of Ape Kerchak” of the group of Apes Mangani. Orphaned Tarzan protected, and grown-up, by the female Ape “Kala”.

Once Tarzan becomes teenager, Kala was killed by an African Hunter. But Tarzan killed the hunter in revenge. He also fought with King of Ape Kerchak and killed in a revenge for killing his father and then he becomes a King of Apes.

Tarzan’s real name is John Clayton and Lord Greystoke. Tarzan means the great apes in Mangani language, White Skin.Young Tarzan meets in jungle a young an American woman named JANE PORTER. He falls in love with her. And marries her subsequently. He becomes father. Got a son, named ‘Jack’ in an Apes Language, Korak- means “Killer”.

Orphaned Tarzan earns the sympathy of everyone. From his childhood to teenage then his love, marriage and then family life and also his adventures to fight for the just and eventual victory were very brilliantly written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and others, Pictured in stories and cinemas. Tarzan adventures in not within this forest only, and also in the city, space, water, fire and in the wind which spread over the world very fast.


OK, let us see who? Is the “Edgar Rice Burroughs” who? Is created the character of “Tarzan!” He was born in 1 Sep 1875 as a last son to the couples Major George Tyler Burroughs and Mary Eva Line Burroughs. His father was ware-expert war veteran and then famous businessman. Edgar Rice Burroughs studied and in 1895 he was graduated in Michigan Military Academy. Then he joined 7th U.S Cavalry as a Soldier in Arizona Territory’s Fort Grant. When he had heart problem he was discharged from job in 1897.

Then he did continue his father’s profession only. He was married to Emma Centennia Hulbert in 1 Jan 1900. They have got 3 Children Joan Burroughs, Hulbert Burroughs, Joan Coleman Burroughs respectively.In the midst of this he used to read Fiction Magazines whenever he gets free time. In 1912 he wrote his first story “Under the Moons of Mars” in All story Magazine. Then in October 1912 he wrote the “Tarzan of the Apes” in the same All Story Magazine.
After this successful novel, he becomes a full time writer.Tarzan stories have taken him to the height of the fame.

In 1919 he purchased large ranch farm land of 550 Acre north of Los Angeles, California from ‘General Harrison Gray Otis’ He is one of‘Los Angeles Time’ news papers, founder and publisher. After he changed that ranch name “Tarzana”. He is also set-up his house and office there. Even today the Tarzana remains a famous place.In 1923 he established Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc and published his books through this company only.


Edgar Rice’s another character is “John Carter”. He wrote many stories in the series of John Carter of Mars. Then his son John Coleman Burroughs also wrote. As for the John Carter character, John Carter worked as Captain in American Civil War. After his natural demise his body was sent to Mars by ‘astral travel’ and then he become live the doing adventures between the planets Mars and Earth. Novels were written on this imagination, John Carter stories continue to publish in All story magazine and then comic’s books were also published.

Later Edgar Rice Burroughs worked in 2nd World War as a ‘War Correspondent’ even in this older age and then he died in 19 Mar 1950 due to heart attack.

Unlike any other character, Tarzan had big famous. The Tarzan character was commercialized as named Tarzan Toys, Tarzan Gasoline, Tarzan Shoes, Tarzan Ice Cream, Tarzan Underwear Etc. Edgar Rice Burroughs next media was Cinema. First Story was published in All Story Magazine was in 1912, as a complete full novel was published in1914, and turned into movie within 4 years.


"Tarzan of Apes” was successfully run as a Cinema in newyork’s Broad way Theatre in Jan 27, 1918. “Elmo Lincoln” acted as a First Tarzan and following that, “Gene Pollar”, “P. Dempsey-Tabler”, Jim Pierce acted-in as Silent film.

In 1929, “Tarzan the Tiger”, Frank Merrill Tarzan acted as Tarzan run as a first talking film. In 1932 “Tarzan the Ape Man”, Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan acted as Tarzan runs as completely a Talking Film. More 20 actors have appeared as Tarzan. In English alone, 50 Cinemas were released on Tarzan. Moreover, it was published in all over the world in many languages. From 1932 to 1948, just 27 year old Olympic swimming Champion “Johnny Weissmuller” acted all the 12 Tarzan Films were widely liked by all the people. No one other than him acted this much film on Tarzan character.


In 1962 “Jock Mahoney” acted as Tarzan was a world famous film titled as “Tarzan Goes to India”. Story was written by Robert Hardy Andrews, directed by John Guillermin. In this movie famous Hindi Actor Feroz Khan and Simi Garewal, Murad have acted together.

In Jun 18, 1999, Tarzan was turned into Disney’s Animation Film. Tony Goldwin offered his voice for Tarzan.

The Silent Movies

Elmo Lincoln: Tarzan of the Apes – 1918, The Romance of Tarzan – 1918
The Adventures of Tarzan – 1921Gene Pollar, The Revenge of Tarzan – 1920P. Dempsey Tabler, The Son of Tarzan – 1920.

James Pierce: Tarzan & the Golden Lion – 1927

Merrill l:Frank,
Tarzan the Mighty – 1928, Tarzan the Tiger – 1929

Sound Movies:

Johnny Weissmuller: Tarzan the Ape Man – 1932, Tarzan & His Mate – 1934, Tarzan Escapes – 1936, Tarzan Finds a Son! – 1939,
Tarzan’s Secret Treasure – 1941, Tarzan’s New York Adventure – 1942,Tarzan Triumphs – 1943, Tarzan’s Desert Mystery – 1943, Tarzan & the Amazons – 1945, Tarzan & the Leopard Woman – 1946, Tarzan & the Huntress – 1947, Tarzan & the Mermaids – 1948.

Buster Crabbe: Tarzan the Fearless - 1933 (serial)

Bruce Bennet t (Herman Brix) :The New Adventures of Tarzan - 1935 (serial), Tarzan & the Green Goddess - 1938 (cut & re-edited from the above serial)

Glen Morris: Tarzan’s Revenge – 1938

Lex Barker: Tarzan’s Magic Fountain – 1949

Tarzan & the Slave Girl – 1950, Tarzan’s Peril – 1951, Tarzan’s Savage Fury – 1952, Tarzan & the She-Devil – 1953

Gordon Scott : Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle – 1955, Tarzan & the Lost Safari - 1957 (first color Tarzan!), Tarzan’s Fight for Life – 1958, Tarzan & the Trappers - 1958 (recut from the TV pilot), Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure – 1959, Tarzan the Magnificent – 1960

Denny Miller: Tarzan the Ape Man – 1959

Jock Mahoney:
Tarzan Goes to India – 1962, Tarzan’s Three Challenges – 1963

Mike Henry: Tarzan & the Valley of Gold – 1966, Tarzan & the Great River – 1967, Tarzan & the Jungle Boy – 1968

Ron Ely: All these are recur from episodes of the TV series; the first two may only have been released in Europe: Tarzan & the Perils of Charity Jones – 1967, Tarzan & the Four O’clock Army – 1968, Tarzan’s Deadly Silence – 1970, Tarzan’s Jungle Rebellion – 1970

Mi les O’Keefe: Tarzan the Ape Man - 1981 (gag me with a backhoe)

Lambert :Christopher, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan – 1984

Casper Van Dien: Tarzan & the Lost City – 1998

Disney animation (voice of Tony Goldwyn) :
Tarzan - 1999

In 1921, Ronal Adair as Tarzan, Ethel Dwyer as Jane Porter acted in Stage Show was conducted by Broadway Production. In 1976 Tarzan Musical Stage Entertainment by Richard O Brien, titled as T-ZEE. These days Tarzan Musical Stage Program is famous all over Europe. This type of programs conducted in Sweden, Norway, Netherland, and Holland, Germany by using young actors in the stage. In Germany the program titled “Me Tazan, You Jane” is a famous one.


From 1932 to 1935 and then from 1951 to 1953, “James Pierce” “Lomont Johnson” respectively offered their tone for Tarzan for Radio Programs conducted.


In 1966 Tarzan was published as Television Series and still it is continuing.

Ron Ely - 1966-1968

Formation animated ser ides (voice of Rober t Ridgely) - 1976Wolf Larson - 1991-1992

Joe Lara - 1989 (Tarzan in Manhattan TV movie) & 1996-1997 (Epic Adventures series)

Travis Fimmel - 2003 (WB’s Tarzan


From 1980 Tarzan’s video, computer games getting famous.


Now let us see the Tarzan Comics…….

In1927, Joe Neebe an advertiser approached Edgar Rice Burroughs proposed an idea of publishing Tarzan stories as News Paper Stripes. Out of this Joe Neebe’s efforts, Tarzan of Apes was published as News paper stripes from Jan 07, 1929 by HAL FOSTER, onwards for 10 weeks in 60 daily stripes. In 15 Mar 1931 Tarzan was published as Sunday Stripes with color and art by Rex Mexon.


HAL FOSTER 1929-1937, REX MAXON 1929-1947, BURNE HOGARTH 1937-1950, WILLIAM JUHRE 1936-1938, DAN BARRY 1947-1949, JOHN LEHTI 1949, PAUL REINMAN 1949-1950, NICK CARDY 1950, BOB LUBBERS 1950-1954, JOHN CELARDO 1953-1968, RUSS MANNING - 1967-1979, GIL KANE 1979-1981, MIKE GRELL 1981-1983, GRAY MORROW 1983-Still present


Rex Maxon #1 - March 15, 1931 to #28 - September 20, 1931
Hal Foster #29 - September 27, 1931 to #321 - May 2, 1937
Burne Hogarth #322 May 9, 1937 to #768 - November 25, 1945
Rubimore (Reuben Manning) #769 - December 2, 1947 to #856 – August 3, 1947
Burne Hogarth #857 - August 10, 1947 to #1015 - August 20, 1950
Bob Lubbers #1016 - August 27, 1950 to #1198 - February 21, 1954
John Celardo #1199 - February 28, 1954 to #1922 - January 7, 1968
Russ Manning #1923 - January 14, 1968 to 1979
Gil Kane 1979 – 1981
Mike Grell 1981 – 1983
Gray Morrow 1983 to present


Tarzan of the Apes - Hal Foster (January 1929)
(Reprinted as The Illustrated Tarzan Book No. I - G&D)
The Return of Tarzan - Rex Maxon
*The Beasts of Tarzan - Rex Maxon
*The Son of Tarzan - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan and the Lost Empire - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan and the Golden Lion - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan at the Earth's Core - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan the Terrible - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan and the Ant Men - Rex Maxon
*Tarzan the Untamed - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Ape Man (movie) - Rex Maxon
Tarzan the Invincible - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the City of Gold - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Lion Man - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Fire Gods - Rex Maxon
**The Tarzan Twins - Rex Maxon (copied by J. Bennet for BLB)
Tarzan and the Leopard Men - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Mayan Goddess - William Juhre
Tarzan's Quest - William Juhre
Tarzan the Magnificent - William Juhre
Tarzan Under Fire - William Juhre
Tarzan the Fearless (movie) - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Elephant Men - Rex Maxon
Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr - Rex Maxon

Then Black & White stripes were collectively published in one comics and in the same way color stripes were also collectively published as comics.

Western Publishing, a company in U.S published Tarzan comics in their Del Comics, Four Color Comics, March of Comics (Big Sized) Gold Key comics etc. Other than this, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Charlton Comics, Black Home Comics, Malibu Comics companies were alsocontinuouslypublished Tarzan Comics.

DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics were later published Tarzan with other famous characters like Tarzan with Batman and Tarzan with Superman stories. As for Europe, Tarzan issues have started from 1954 itself.

From 1983 to 1989, Tarzan comics were published as Serbian, then Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherland, Denmark also were translated in their languages and published. Japan’s famous ‘Manga” comic’s series were published by Tokuhiro Masaya in Japanese language and titled as “Jungle No Ouja Ta-Chan” King of the Jungle Ta-Chan (Tar-zan).

Tarzan was famous also in African countries, Israel, Syria & Lebanon. Even today, all over the world and in American old news paper stripes are published as comics. In 1990 Comics Revue Magazine, MBM Publishing companies have published the comics in good colors with quality papers and still publishing.

As for Indian language, unlike Tamil, comics were not published in any other Indian languages. So far there are more than 25 comic’s publishers born and disappeared. Muthu comics (Tamil) established in 1971 are still publishing comics for the last 39 years continuously in “Tamil Language” (From: Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu). Later entered Tamil Lion Comics, a sister concern of Muthu comics published Giant Sized comics and sold them at Rs. 100 (or) Rs.200 which is a great achievement in the Indian Tamil history. Soon they are going to publish AGENT XIII’s 1 to 18 parts in single comics with 800 pages at Rs.200.

Tamil Language is spoken by majority people in Tamil Nadu in major city of India and all over the world if spoken by minority people.

In India Tamil Nadu, Sri lanka, Singapore, like countries the language has official status nod it is introduced in Myanmar (Old Burma), France, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Guyana Fiji, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago. Tamil people living in group in those countries, they never miss to buy the books wherever published in Tamil Language. So the Tamil comics are widely bought by Tamil people all over the world.

Any world famous character whether it is British, America, French, Italy, why! Dutch and Russian speaking characters also forced to speak in Tamil Language. Moreover, some European famous characters started speaking in Tamil well before they speak English language.

So can the exceptional Tarzan escape Tamil? Tarzan also started talking in Tamil immediately. During 1972, Tarzan start talking Tamil in Vidyarthy Mithram comics started in our neighboring state Kerala published with address: Baker Road, Kotayam, Kerala.

It could be the reason that Tarzan learned Tamil in urgency or the comics was published from Kerala, the Tarzan spoke Tamil with lots of difficulties. In some places, stage Tamil, in some places children Tamil and in some places he has spoken un-known Tamil.

Later on Dinamalar Daily news papper published the Tarzan strips in good Tamil continuously. Then in 1978, From Tamil Nadu, The Orient Litho Press created a publication division under the arrangement of Vidyarthy Mithram Press and Book Depot, and The great Mullai Thangarasan as its editor published the comics titled as Rathna comics with double color in A4 size. Front page Shining varnish prints art by famous artist Chellam alias Chellappan

Artist Mr,Chellam
Tried my level best to reduce the size of the article. It may be turned into a book if started writing in detail. A Tarzan character published in 1912 is still surviving for one century even though there were several comics character came-up and soon disappeared. At least with permission of any T-shirt company Tarzan's picture printed on the T-shirt and sold everywhere is something great in this era.
With Warm Regards,

Haja Ismail.M
Dated 11 Jun 2010
Next Posting: Full History of Rathna Comics


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