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Viral Manithargal (Finger sized men) - By Haja Ismail

Minnal Mayaavi
Viral Manithargal


Minnal Mayaavi appeared Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) published as the 2nd creation of Mullai Thangarasan in Sep 1976 and won comics fans support overwhelmingly.


Story has started like this. In dull afternoon, a sleepy restaurant in “Kovai” city…the finger sized men suddenly appeared and panicked the people.

Next day morning, Viral Manithargal (finger sized men)  spread all over Tamil Nadu. There were waves of Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) was seen everywhere and people understood the danger behind the appearance of Viral Manithargal. From every city, the faxes transmitted to the Tamil Nadu Govt. In the next 4 hours the news spread all over Indian and before the dawn of next day, the news spread all over the world beyond India and made them panic.

The Government got surprised as their effort to eliminate the Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) with the help of Canons and Fire Fighters. In this situation Prime Minister received a secret letter in that it is mentioned as follows: Dear Prime Minister, except me the creator of the Viral Manithargal, no one can destroy my creations and do not waste your time.

If you wish to get rid of this stressing situation and avoid the war of Viral Manithargal, put Rs. 10 Crore worth golden bridges into the flight landing in Palam Airport at 10 AM, Wednesday.

If you try to block the flight over the air, not only Tamil Nadu, all over India, the Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) will spread and the consequences will be very dangerous. WARNING!!!! - Ranjan Bose (It is written like this).

High level Govt officers gathered in meeting to discuss whether they will be able to supply the demanded golden bridges and they have finalized to give. At the same time, a senior officer handing over this case to Minnal Mayaavi to capture the dangerous Ranjan Bose.

Sedang, a space shuttle moving around the earth. Minnal Mayaavi disappeared his body with the help of Samrang, an astronaut in Sedang Space shuttle. Minnal Mayaavi travelled in the flight which carrying Golden platforms to meet the enemy face-to-face, which means meeting the lion in its cave where the deceased man claiming that his fore father are from the royal families and he is the blood of this royal kings. He is trying to restore the lost respect of their fore fathers and want become as a great king of India. He also claimed the he has done a research for 30 years day  night and day created “ViralManithargal”, the 10 crore ransom golden platforms are just for the test only.

He claimed that he will win over and rule the whole world with the help of Viral Manaithargal without any bloodshed but with peaceful revolution. He caught the violent Mayaavi, laid him on the “Minnal Kathir” table and applied Minnal rays on Mayaavi.

Unfortunately, the deceased does not know that Mayaavi’s body will disappear if Minnal rays touch him. Scientist Ranjan Bose saw this and said, there is a mistake in formula but that also turned for good only as it melted the complete body. He claimed that it is a success and it will be useful to eliminate the enemy in disappearance itself. When he saw Mayaavi’s fingers only moving, he was afraid and ran. On his way he took an idle and thrown on Mayaavi but it hit the equipment controlling the Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) and it got exploded. Due to this, Viral Manithargal (finger sized men) fallen on the streets like debris. He took a lorry to escape and Mayaavi took a motor bike to chase him. In this Ranja bose dashed the tree and lost his life.

Mullai Thangarasan’s intelligent brain give extra ordinary shining to the dialogues. Page by page, it creates the interest. Moreover from page 36 to page 42. The dialogues between Ranjan Bose and Minnal Mayaavi are very interesting.

As for as this comics is concerned, the hero isArtist Chellam”. Movement of Viral Manithargal, reactions of Ranjan Bose and Minnal Mayaavi and the great palace of Ranjan Bose and its background are examples of his imaginative power and his talent in Art.

This is comics was being written and art like and equivalent to FLEET WAY comics stories. If these comics would have published in English when published it would have received the great attraction and support from all over the world readers and fans of comics.

Writing skilled Mullai Thangarasan and great artist Chellam would have born abroad they would have become the presidents of Island if “Muthufan” to say.

“Adimai Theevil Mayaavi” published as third issue of Mayaavi Comics. It was related to Sea pirates story and also reached the sky success. “Express Kollaiyar” was announced as the 4th issue but not sure whether it was published or not. After this Mayaavi comics was being stopped.

               Mathi Comics

In 1978 Mullai Thangarasan joined as editor in Ratna Comics and in 1979 he joined Ratna Bala. In the same1979, the man who published the children issues without expecting any benefit and great supporter of Children Magazine Mr. M.S. Subramaniam (Valarmathi). A comics being launched as Mathi Comics and edited by M.S. Subramaniam. Including all Mayaavi comics, around 25 comics are published for several years. Adimaitheevil Mayaave was published in Mathi comics as Pulikkuhaiyil Mayaavi.

Mullai Thangarasan's third character creation "Irumbukkai Mayaa Mayavan" appearing comics also was published by M.S. Subramaniam.


Mullai Thangarasan has introduced several world comics hero's to the tamil speaking comic fans but his own created characters are Jam Jim Jack, Minnal Mayaavi, Irumbukkai Mayaa Mayavan, Captain Moorcock, CID Karthy. Those who read these comics written by Mullai Thangarasan and art by great artist chellam (Chellapan) will think about the President of Mathi Nilayam, Mr. M.S. Subramaniam who published those comics in the midst of difficulties and Thank them.

Haja Ismail.M.
05 Mar 2010

Note: Thanks to Dr. Sateesh, Mr. King Viswa and Muthu Fan for providing pics


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  5. Your narration about "minnal mayavi" couldn't be better. A memento about the most joyful days of boyhood is the best gift that a friend can provide to the other. Your writings in your blogs strongly bring back our boyhood memories. Although I was; and I am one of your best friends I never perceived you gathered plenty of information about our passion, the comics and their heroes.

    Your dream to become a comics hero is still pending and I want you to work on that very hard. However, I still remember your own comics that you did in our hand written magazine “Thaen Thuli” and you would have completed it if we did not have to split and fly to different countries on different motives.

    But, I noticed my thirst on comics still alive and strongly emerge out during the time of buying comics for my kids. The collection of “Tin Tin” and “Austeris & Oblix” presented by Muthufan for my kids in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is a treasure. I wish I see Mr. Murthufan once more and enjoy the same feast of “talks on comics” again. (By the way, where is he now? Pls convey my wishes to him) It is a great pleasure to read his blog as well, not only a single time.


    Your writings made me go kiddy and relieves me from my day to day stress. If you and myself will happen to be in India at same time I would love to get locked inside the room where you reserved all those comics. Living with those heroes was our boyhood wish…remember?

    Take care-da

    B,Sabeer Ahamed, Dubai.

  6. Captain Hechai

    Those days, "Viral Manitharhal" threatened me also. I went to bed expecting 'viral manitharhal' at my window when I would wake up the next day.

    Once again your way of narrating the story is ‘catchy’. You maintained a filament of thrill throughout your narration. I don’t know what went supposed to be in the field of comics creations; not just readers like me and many others. I still remember the expression of Ranjan Bose when he saw Mayavi disappeared from his punishment bench and as you said the drawing is superb.
    Do you remember? We spoke about “Manjal Poo Marmam” when we saw weeds in the streams of our town? I want to read your writing about Lawrence & David.

    Take care and write often.


    B. Sabeer Ahmed, Dubai.

  7. Dear Friends,

    I have to thank Mr. Viswa, Jolley Jumber, Mr. J, & Mr. Sabeer for their beloved comments on the latest posting on "Viral Manitharhal".

    I wish that your comments would rejuvenate my thoughts to write more creatively on comics.

    I would welcome any sort of your comments to improve my writing here.

    Best Regards,
    Captain Hechai

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